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Below is a list of the most common documents that will be required for the audit of an attorneys trust accounts. There most probably will be other requirements as well but this list will be a good starting point

  • List of trust creditors, this list will consist of the name and the balance of the account

  • Trust surplus report

  • Bank reconciliations for trust bank account

  • Schedule of interest and bank charges relating to trust business account

  • Schedule of payments of interest to law society

  • Trust account bank statements

  • Signed client mandates

  • Schedule of investments with confirmation from the bank

  • Trial balance

  • Validation of trust transfers which will be the supporting documentation for the transfers made either invoice for work done or invoices for expenses paid on behalf of the client

Please contact Mvefortè to discuss how we can assist you to ensure a smooth audit!

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List of requirements for attorneys trust audit: News
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